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Municipal Project Expediting System (MPES)


To demonstrate the value of a Project Management System which allows municipalities to effectively manage and monitor the eradication of backlogs.


The Eradication of Basic Services backlogs are a priority for the South African Government. The eradication of the bucket toilet system, ensuring all households have access to water and sanitation services’, increasing the population’s domestic waste collection service and electrification are part of the government’s commitment to halving poverty by 2014.

The Department of Provincial and Local Government is responsible for coordinating and reporting to Cabinet on the national achievement in the eradication of these backlogs.

Several national departments, public agencies and funding bodies play an implementation role in the eradication of the backlogs, but the municipalities have the ultimate job delivering the services. However, most municipalities are poorly capacitated to develop comprehensive plans for the eradication of backlogs or to report in a consistent way to the various national bodies.


The Universal Household Access Programme seeks to ensure alignment and consistency in the way that the South African government monitors:

  • Need – The services to which households do not have access
  • Consistent Reporting of Eradication progress
  • Municipal capacity to plan and achieve backlog targets


The Project will work directly with 4-5 municipalities to implement the Municipal Project Expedite System over a 15 month period. This includes:

  • Agreement of backlog and eradication targets (water and sanitation);
  • Agreement of a strategy to achieve targets - aligned with national service provision plans
  • Development and agreement of a detailed implementation plan for the next municipal financial year
  • Implementation of the Municipal Performer Management System
  • Technical Support in managing and monitoring progress against target

Strategic Partners

  • dplg
  • Pilot municipalities


  • Municipal leadership are able to hold their staff accountable for the management and monitoring of back log eradication strategies
  • Municipal officials are able to manage and monitor the implementation of eradication projects
  • dplg is able to reconcile baseline municipal data with national reports
  • The merit and if justified the basis for a wider roll out of the MPES is established


  • Municipal Project Expediting System demonstrated with five municipalities

Implementing Partners / Service Providers

  • Inform Systems
  • MNA Associates

ASSUMPTION: Systemising project life cycle has benefit i.e. leads to: More efficient spending and delivery.

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