Support Programme for Public Housing Practitioners

Client: ABSA Bank Limited & the French Development Bank
Sector: Housing
Services: Programme Support
Date: July 2007 - current


As part of the Financial Charter’s commitment to stimulating housing delivery in the affordable housing market, ABSA Bank Ltd identifies the need for the capacity development of public sector officials working in this sector. To this end, ABSA and the French Development Agency commit to the development and implementation of a dedicated housing training programme that aims at strengthening the skills of public sector officials working in the affordable housing sector.

ABSA appoints Shisaka Development Management Services to design and implement the housing training programme on its behalf to achieve these purposes.

The Assignment

Shisaka initiates this project with a comprehensive desk top study to determine the roles and responsibilities of public sector officials within all spheres of government in housing. The research categorises municipalities and identifies the respective training needs and requirements.

This is followed by a high level design of the training programmes which sets out the key functions, the training priorities, the course overview and various requirements for different departments and municipalities.

After a process of consultation and buy in from key stakeholders, Shisaka, using housing delivery practitioners, develops four discreet training courses, each fully accredited by the University of Johannesburg’s Department of Public Governance. The training courses are piloted and evaluated, and now run from The University of Johannesburg.

The Training Courses

What course participants have said about Managing Low Cost Housing Projects

"The facilitator was very knowledgeable and had practical examples which help everyone read from the same page." M Letloenyane - Deputy Director Project Management, Gauteng Department of Local Government and Housing

"It is very encouraging and motivating to have a facilitator as good as Mr Jacus Pienaar. I hope Shisaka will "gooi" salt on him so that he does not go to waste!" Bulelani Mara - Project Supervisor, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

What course participants have said about the Introduction to Housing Policy course

"Well done! You have exceeded my expectations. I only wish that there will be an advanced housing policy course." Thabisa Mgedesi - Secretary to HOD: Housing, Drakenstein Local Municipality

"The course, even though it is an introductory course, has clarified some aspects that seemed complicated when performing my daily tasks and servicing frustrated communities." Nomsasa Mlako - Admin Clerk, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Course Dates

Courses are currently being convened through the National Department of Human Settlements to run regionally during 2011. If you would like to attend one of these courses, please contact Kim Foster on

Municipal Leadership Learning Forums

Shisaka establishes learning forums specifically targeted at public housing leadership to provide a platform for housing professionals to share innovative ideas regarding housing delivery, and to promote the development of a collective consensus in municipal housing delivery in the country.

The Municipal Leadership Forum is a meeting of the Heads of Housing and Planning of the nine largest municipalities in South Africa. The forum is held twice a year and focuses on leadership and strategic issues facing Municipalities in respect of housing. Experts are brought in to share experiences and participants have the opportunity to network and share their own experiences.

Seven leadership learning forums are held and cover a range of topics:

International housing experiences with a particular focus on urban upgrades, working with leaders in Public Institutions and people development within organizations (May 2008)

The International Perspective
Sue Rubenstein [175 KB]

The International Perspective
Eduardo Rojas [96 KB]

The proposed Housing Development Agency and its implications for Municipalities (October 2008)

The Housing Development Agency
Taffy Adler [666 KB]

The Department of Human Settlements and the new National Planning Commission sharing their vision for the future and particularly the role of Municipalities within this vision (August 2009)

The latest thinking and initiatives on Informal Settlements Upgrading and their implications for Metropolitan Municipalities (November 2009)

National Upgrading Support Programme
Steve Topham [83 KB]

Will Sanity Finally Prevail?
Joel Bolnick [3.8 MB]

New directions in formalising and upgrading informal Settlements
Dr Phil Harrison [6.9 MB]

Development of an approach for the recognition of informal settlements and tenure in South Africa
Gemey Abrahams [1.6 MB]

Incremental securing tenure in informal settlements
Lauren Royston [4.6MB]

The latest thinking and initiatives in the different components of the rental sector and their implications for Metropolitan Municipalities
(May 2010)

Rental Sector Introduction
Matthew Nell [812 KB]

Community Residential Units
Jacus Pienaar [345 KB]

Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA)
Andreas Bertoldi & Graeme Reid [337 KB]

Financing Rental Housing
Paul Jackson [4 MB]

Backyard Rental / Small-Scale Rental
Adrian Di Lollo [1.9 MB]

Key considerations for metropolitan housing and planning strategies for the next political term (February 2011)

Setting the Context - Key national Policy Drivers
Matthew Nell [560 KB]

Informal Settlement Upgrading and Backyard Shacks
Steve Topham [1.3 MB]

Law & Order in Metros: land invasions and building hijacking
Stephen Berrisford [696KB]

Delivery Constraints in the Housing Sector
Christine Glover [1.1 MB]

Market Failure in the Housing Sector
Rob McGaffin [947 KB]

Community Mobilisation
Ishmael Mkhabela [80 KB]

Municipal Training Programme
Afsaneh Tabrizi [68 KB]

Leadership Forum Summation
Matthew Nell [174 KB]

Housing and basic services infrastructure finance as it applies to Municipalities identifying new trends and thinking in respect of how low income households access and pay for housing and services in South Africa and exploring what the metro’s can do to enhance such access. (October 2011)

Setting the Context: Market segmentation, housing needs and responses on South Africa
Matthew Nell [1 MB]

Overview of housing finance systems
Kecia Rust [3.5 MB]

Increasing access to mortgage and pension backed finance
Illana Meltzer [1.1 MB]

The Successes & Challenges of the Housing Finance Markets & Microfinance for housing and its potential for informal settlements upgrading
William Malatji & Olivia van Rooyen [1.9 & 2 MB]

Finance for subsidy and affordable rental housing
Paul Jackson [397 KB]

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