The Development Context

The Development Context

In 2004 the South African Government set itself the ambitious goal of halving poverty and unemployment by 2014 with priorities on growing the economy and helping the poor to enter the economy and improving state performance.

Government’s 10 year review was positive as far as entrenching a democratic dispensation in South Africa, but highlighted significant challenges ahead. Its 15 year review signaled with more urgency the need for an aggressive rate of increase in growth and development if the 2014 goals are to be achieved.

Our Values Having a positive impact - we make sure our work contributes positively to the sustainability and objectives of our clients and wherever practical to meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

While access to public services for the poor has seen a marked improvement, particularly piped water and electricity; access to other basic services such as sanitation and refuse removal is varied and far from satisfactory across the country.

The picture of income poverty in South Africa is alarming, with overwhelming evidence to suggest an increase in both income poverty and unemployment since 2004.

While Government remains committed to pro-poor policies and to the widening of access for the vulnerable, it is clear that the challenges ahead have increased in scope and intensity since 2004.

At Shisaka, we position ourselves directly within the context of the challenges that face development in South Africa.

We are committed to taking on projects that accelerate growth and development in South Africa, that improve access to basic services and that enhance job creation and employment opportunities. In so doing, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for all those who live in our country.

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