What our
clients say

What Our Clients Say

Manie Annandale
Head: Affordable Housing
Nedbank Corporate Property Finance

“Shisaka applies their extensive affordable housing experience and knowledge in a pragmatic way that fits well into the risk models of Nedbank. This allows the banking development finance staff to broaden their understanding in a practical hands-on way which strengthens the unit’s internal capability.

Our unit’s internal deal structuring capacity has increased significantly over the past 2 years through Shisaka’s close hands-on involvement. More significant is the increased understanding of the risk stages in NedBank’s funding model. Shisaka has managed to develop this understanding by linking the risk parameters of the actual development stages to the structuring of the development finance.

Our association with Shisaka has had a tremendous benefit in protecting Nedbank’s interests in the various affordable housing developments that has been funded. It has also exposed the unit to Shisaka’s depth of understanding national, provincial and municipal governmental procedures as it relates to land and infrastructural development.

The real benefit of the unit’s association with Shisaka is that it has managed and continues to build its internal capacity and is able to understand better the various risk components of affordable housing developments.”

Ignatius Ariyo
Chief Director: Infrastructure Sector
Expanded Public Works Programme

“Shisaka played an extremely valuable role in the EPWP. They brought an outsider’s perspective and thinking to Government which was innovative and refreshing. They contributed towards the development of the Municipal Technical Support Strategy which played a critical role in engaging municipalities in the programme and which resulted in many more municipalities’ involvement in EPWP.

They also developed in partnership with National Department of Public Works EPWP unit  a number of extremely useful tools for the programme which are still in use today such as the Incentive Bonus and the Management Information System which facilitates the ability to show at any time how many work opportunities have been created through the programme in a particular area. And finally, they assisted us in developing proposals for Phase 2 of the programme, while Phase 1 was still running, which helped in making a smooth transition from EPWP phase 1 to phase 2.

Shisaka has left a valuable legacy for the programme as it continues in the future.”

Brian Whittaker
Business Trust

"Shisaka’s main work with the Business Trust has been in the infrastructure sector and on a large scale Public Works Support Programme. In both cases Shisaka was able to bring an innovative and entrepreneurial style to supporting the implementation of these large-scale, complex programmes.

Shisaka’s business perspective and commitment to improving public services was well suited to the partnership arrangements of the Business Trust. Working with the Business Trust they helped to pioneer an approach to bringing business resources and acumen to meeting public objectives.

In the case of the Expanded Public Works Support Programme, this required an ability to operate across different departments and through different spheres of government. By applying concentrated attention to the achievement of the Public Works targets agreed between the Business Trust and the Department of Public Works, Shisaka’s professionally managed Team helped to accelerate the achievement of South Africa’s Public Works objectives.

In the case of the infrastructure work, Shisaka was instrumental in the design of innovative procurement procedures and the creation of a project preparation facility with the potential to mobilise widespread private resources for meeting municipal infrastructure development objectives”.

Baleka Mbete
Former Deputy President, South Africa

“I applaud this initiative (SPAID), and will endeavor to provide every support that I can to this strategic and critical partnership between the Presidency and Business Trust, as it seeks to accelerate infrastructure delivery across South Africa.”

Sicelo Shiceka
Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, South Africa

“I am proud to launch here today, the Ukulungisa Project Preparation Fund. This Fund is a strategic national initiative located at the forefront of assisting in addressing service delivery backlogs in South Africa, with seed funding provided by The Business Trust who, through SPAID, is the project initiator.

We are especially gratified to see this project come to light, as it is the culmination of a lot of learning and effort over the years, and the growing realisation that this is a key missing element to successful and sustained infrastructure delivery. It presents an example of a true meeting of minds around agreed upon priorities, and a practical manifestation of the theme of this conference, “Public Private Sector Cooperation Driving Delivery”, as researchers, government and business stakeholders put their weight behind creating a viable solution to addressing this gap.”

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