Eskom / AsgiSA and CSDP Compliance Support

Client: Eskom Enterprises Division: Commercial Department
Sector: Infrastructure
Services: Programme and Service Delivery Support
Date: December 2008 - September 2009


Eskom embarks on a Capital Expansion Plan and supports both the South African Governmentís Accelerated Shared Growth Initiative (AsgiSA) and the Competitive Supplier Development Programme (CSDP). The objectives encompass growth, poverty eradication and job creation (in terms of AsgiSA) and enhancing local supply capacity and capability within Eskomís sector of operation (in terms of CSDP).

In the implementation of the AsgiSA and CSDP targets, Eskom needs to target, monitor and report on the infrastructure spend and its impact over the next five years. This impact needs to be assessed in terms of the contribution to both the overall AsgiSA and CSDP objectives.


Shisaka Development Management Services is appointed to support the management of the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Department of Eskom to set up and manage the AsgiSA and CSDP compliance process. This will be applied initially to one of the large capital projects (the new Madupi Power Station) and then refined and rolled-out to all other large capital projects.

Shisaka undertakes to:

  • Develop a process for setting and communicating targets
  • Develop a process for managing and reporting on outcomes
  • Improve the process for managing compliance with tender-specific targets that ensure integrity of data, improve adherence to data capturing processes and improve responsiveness to trends from the data/reports
  • Develop a process for engaging with local (proximate to the project) community structures and service providers


Shisaka conceptualises a four phased approach to providing the required support. Phase One includes a comprehensive scoping and design of the process; phase two incorporates the application of the process on designated capital projects; phase three assesses and enhances the process and phase four is the final roll out across all capital projects.

Project Outcomes

The AsgiSA and CSDP targeting and compliance procedures developed are approved and incorporated into the Eskom capital project process, policies and procedures. In addition, key officials within Eskom fully understand and are able to apply these procedures.

Project Achievements

Phase One of the assignment is successfully completed. The AsgiSA and CSDP targeting and compliance processes are comprehensively scoped and designed in a manner that aligns these within the Eskom capital project process. These new procedures are approved and issued as official policy.

The application of the new AsgiSA and CSDP targeting and compliance policy and procedures as a pilot on the Madupi Power Station Project are scoped and budgeted. A proposal to support the implementation of this pilot is submitted by Shisaka Development Management Services.

Current Status Quo

Authorisation is given to proceed with Phase Two: the application of the approved process on the Madupi Power Station Capital Project.

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