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Shisaka's approach

The nature and diversity of our work does not allow for a formatted approach to each project we take on. Every project is unique and calls for its own approach but we are able to draw upon our 20 years of experience in development and the lessons we have learnt upon the way.

Our Values Ensuring commercial sustainability - We maintain our financial sustainability, market competitiveness and our ability to provide excellent services.

Shisaka has a reputation for its ability to mobilise an impressive project team of professionals drawn from its diverse range of independent associates. Shisaka’s associate members – entrepreneurs and innovators in their respective fields - bring a wealth of experience and skill to bear on a project.

Our teams are tightly managed and well disciplined to work within the prescribed project framework. Each team has a dedicated team leader, always one of Shisaka’s directors, who oversees the project from conception to completion.

We believe in the value of investing time with the client at the commencement of a project, interrogating the anticipated outcomes.

We play an active role in conceptualising, scoping and structuring the project to meet the anticipated outcomes of our clients. Our approach is sensitive to lessons learnt along the way, and we ensure that these are passed onto our clients during or at the completion of each assignment.

Our small size allows us the benefit of an informal and highly flexible approach to projects, with the ability to change and adapt terms of reference during the process if required.

We measure our success by the impact of our intervention and the output, and the value and difference our participation contributes towards positive change.

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