Shisaka has been a prominent figure in the housing sector in South Africa since the early 1990s. Our expertise ranges from policy development to implementation, institutional development, training programs, and more. We have worked with a variety of clients, from both the public and private sectors. We have an in-depth understanding of housing legislation and regulation and policy environments, as well as the institutional and organisational context for housing delivery. We have worked in all aspects of the housing sector, including private sector rental housing, affordable housing, government subsidised housing for ownership, social housing, backyard rental, informal settlement upgrading and hostel redevelopment. We have also been involved in formulating employee housing strategies and policies, as well as supporting the implementation of employee housing programmes for numerous South African corporates.


  • Housing policy research and development
  • Housing strategy and implementation planning
  • Housing project structuring and implementation
  • Institutional development
  • Systems and monitoring and evaluation
  • Identification of land for housing developments
  • Training programmes focused both on the public and non-government sector to increase understanding and skills within the sector

Shisaka's Housing Projects and Clients

  1. The Capacity Building Programme for Informal Settlement Upgrading undertaken by the Department of Human Settlements and the National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP)
  2. The development of informal settlement strategies, and pipeline planning for the Northern Cape and Gauteng Province
  3. Input into a paper developed by the Centre for Enterprise Development on Massive Small – It’s Potential for Housing Delivery in South Africa’s Metropolitan Cities
  4. The development of a land assembly strategy, policy and programme for the NDHS and Housing Development Agency.
  5. Nedbank – Affordable Housing Development Division Support
  6. ABSA Bank Limited and the French Development Bank – Support Programme for Public Housing Practitioners
  7. SA Home Loans – Support for the establishment of an affordable housing development finance facility
  8. Support Programme for Social Housing, Department of Human Settlements – Social Housing Regulatory Authority
  9. The Presidency: SA Government — Strategic review of the distressed mining towns programme
  10. Formulation of employee housing policies and programmes for a wide range of private and public sector employers, including:
    • AngloAmerican Platinum
    • Kumba Iron Ore Ltd
    • PPC
    • Airports Company of South Africa (SOE)
    • De Beers Consolidated Mines
    • Lonmin Limited
    • Lafarge South Africa
    • South 32: Hotazel Manganese Mines
    • South 32: South African Energy Coal
    • Eskom (SOE)
    • SA Home Loans: Transactional support and loans disbursement for housing loans to public sector employees.


Shisaka Development Management Services has established itself as a leading authority in the housing sector in South Africa. Our expertise ranges from policy development to implementation, institutional development, and training programmes. We have worked with a variety of clients, including public and private sector employers, to support their employee housing needs. Shisaka’s housing projects demonstrate our commitment to improving access to affordable housing for all South Africans.