Development Innovation in South Africa

At Shisaka, our focus is South Africa and the development needs of those living in South Africa. Our approach is responsive and reactive to current needs, but equally entrepreneurial and proactive in seeking out innovative solutions and commercial opportunities within the development context.

Relationships and Collaboration

We have a well-established relationship with all levels of government, civil society, and the private sector. This uniquely positions us to leverage collaborative interventions that integrate these components of South African society. A key focus in undertaking projects is stakeholder consultation whereby the views of all stakeholders are incorporated in a manner that fosters collaboration and partnerships and a coming together of views.

Vast Repertoire of Experience

Our repertoire of experience is as vast as it is varied. Our projects span multi-million, multi-year, multi-sectoral initiatives in service delivery support in the public sector. We also undertake research, policy and evaluation projects within the broader development environment, and provide strategic facilitation and management support to institutions seeking transformation enhanced outcomes.

Customised and Data Driven Solutions

Shisaka develops customised solutions for each client that is based on an in depth understanding of the client’s context, unique operational processes and challenges and an understanding of the issues to be addressed. Shisaka has excellent modelling capabilities and formulates solutions that are based on data and facts. Solutions are formulated in a manner that takes into account the client’s needs and an understanding of their organisation and environmental context.

Expertise and Project Teams

Shisaka has expertise and experience in the fields of strategy and policy, research and evaluation, project and programme management, organisational and capacity development, and business processes. Our teams are tightly managed and well-disciplined to work within the prescribed project framework, budgets, and timeframes.

Investing Time with Clients

We believe in the value of investing time with the client both at the commencement of a project and on an ongoing basis throughout project implementation. This ensures common understanding and expectations upfront and ensures that clients views and expectations are directly addressed. We play an active role in conceptualising, scoping, and structuring the project to meet the anticipated outcomes of our clients.

Lessons Learnt and Impact Measurement

Our approach is sensitive to lessons learnt along the way. We ensure that these are passed onto our clients during or at the completion of each assignment. We measure our success by the impact of our interventions and the value and difference our participation contributes towards our clients’ needs.

Delivery Excellence

At Shisaka, our value is ensuring delivery excellence. We do whatever it takes to deliver excellent work, but always work ethically and with absolute integrity and honesty.