Innovative Development Management Consultancy

Shisaka is a development management consultancy specialising in human settlements strategy and policy development, including housing, infrastructure, servicing and urban development. Founded in 2004, the company has grown and is committed to development innovation through policy research and strategy, project and programme delivery, private and public sector support.

Values-Driven: Delivering Excellence with Integrity and Respect

Shisaka operates under a set of values that define its work, interactions with clients, and engagement with the development sector. These values include ensuring delivery excellence, having a positive impact, entrepreneurial engagement, commercial sustainability, environmental sustainability, integrity, and mutual respect.

Unique Approach: Serving Diverse Clients Across Sectors and Disciplines

Shisaka has the ability to respond to small or large scale projects and serve clients from government, civil society, and the private sector. Its substantive, procedural, and practical experience makes it a unique development consultancy.

Experienced Associates: Deep Working Relationships and Project Teams

Shisaka has developed deep working relationships with highly experienced Associates covering a wide range of expertise. Project teams are established to meet the specific scope of work required, and all projects are led and managed by a designated Team Leader.


Research, Policy and Strategy

Shisaka conducts research and offers strategic support to clients to enable transformation of key business aspects.  A key private sector focus is on providing guidance to employers on how best to support their employees to access housing on an affordable and sustainable basis.  In respect of the public sector Shisaka provides policy and legislation development and analysis, housing and urban development strategy and the structuring and implementation of a wide range of housing programmes and projects. Shisaka is extremely familiar and understands policy and legislation within the sector, as well as implementation challenges.

Programme support

Shisaka supports clients in programme design, implementation, research, monitoring, and evaluation for successful results.

Project support

Shisaka helps clients structure property projects by formulating business cases, assessing feasibility, and securing funding.

Service delivery support

Shisaka identifies blockages to effective service delivery, collaborates to enhance delivery through strategic interventions based on understanding of the client’s mandate and processes.

Capacity and Organisational Development Support

Shisaka offers capacity and organisational development services through training, leadership facilitation, strategic process facilitation, and management support.



Shisaka is a highly reputable company in the South African housing sector, with extensive experience in policy research, housing strategies, project structuring, institutional development, land identification, and training programs. We work with various private and public sector clients, including Financial Institutions, to support employee housing needs and administer home ownership programs.

Planning & Infrastructure

Shisaka has vast experience in public sector planning and infrastructure, specialising in strategy and planning (for all spheres of government), infrastructure delivery and stakeholder engagement.

Urban Renewal and Integration

Shisaka has vast experience in urban renewal, participating in large projects since 1994. We conduct research and assist with implementation.